“My top tip for vine growers is ‘keep on top’.  

My top tip for winemakers is ‘find a good winemaker unless you are chemist or mathematician!’

On a more serious note, I made several different wines in the past - also some very tasty vinegar - but if you want to be commercial it would be best to have training.

Planting Time - Personally, I don’t think  one can be too meticulous about this.  I planted every vine by hand personally - and took a great deal of trouble to give them the best possible start...”



White -  This is my favourite grape variety, very fragrant and in a good year, produces a beautiful, fresh flavoured white wine.  It is a difficult vine to grow, but very rewarding in the right year. 


White -  The Phoenix is quite an easy vine to manage, and a fairly prolific cropper.  It produces a light, dry, fragrant wine. 


White -  We don’t have a large number of these vines, and were planted to blend with the other white varieties we grow. 




White -  See above.  I love this grape so much I planted more!



Red - This grape   produced our first ever red wine in 2013. 


Pinot Noir

Red -  two different clones.  We have high hopes for this famous grape variety, however it’s a newcomer to the English countryside and I think I am being quite brave attempting to grow it at all. 


White - This is an early-ripening white variety, fairly trouble-free, with leaves as large as fig leaves.  Our first crop produced excellent sugar levels, but due to extraordinarily bad weather in 2012, this variety did not reach its full potential.....

but I have great hopes for its future.