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The home of 'Earls Baron' Northamptonshire Wine

  Current vineyard opening: Saturdays only 11am to 4pm 

Pinky Boots (rosé) is now available and it has company …  Red Baron and Regency (reds) are now in stock too!   All selling fast ….  

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We hope all our customers and visitors have had a good year so far and have survived the hazards and months of hardship.

 As is evident, we have also survived the hazards and are pleased to welcome you back to the Vineyard’s peaceful surroundings.   The hard work in the Vineyard has continued throughout, no let up, the vines just thrive and go on producing their abundance in spite of what else goes on in the world.   Long may they do so, as it is the reason we get up in the morning and tend the same vine over and over again, it is our pleasure and yours too, when you come to enjoy a bottle and a bite on the Vineyard lawns

A warm welcome awaits you.

Joyce Boulos-Hanna RIP  (1932-2023)
Vineyard Owner &Wine GB (Midlands & North) Personality of the Year 2021-2022

                                    Wine GB News about Joyce (August 2023)

Opening Times

Saturdays  11am to 4pm

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