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Our grapes can be made into a variety of different wines, and what we make in any particular year depends on the harvest, and our mood of course!

Sparkling:  We make a ‘brut’ English Sparkling, using the age old champagne method, also known as the traditional method.   It requires a secondary fermentation in the bottle followed by remuage, whereby the neck of the bottles are gradually tilted downwards and regularly turned, back and forth, drawing the sediment into the neck, where it is later frozen and removed, before the cork is returned.   We don’t make a sparkling wine every year …

and that’s another reason for keeping it for a special occasion.

Whites:  Our flagship wine is, of course, our Bacchus, made with the smallest of the grapes we grow, but which packs a delicious punch.  The Bacchus grape, named after the ancient Greco-Roman god of wine and festivity, is well known.  It regularly produces a dry white wine with a fragrant nose and crisp fruity  palate.   Another popular varietal wine is our Solaris –  made with our plump Solaris grapes.  They produce a rounded dry white wine with a crisp floral nose and refreshingly fruit palate, with hints of pear.   A new wine to our wine stable is Alexander, named after the vineyard owner’s first grandson.  He helped plant the vines, including Solaris, that produced this off-dry blended wine, long before he was able to enjoy a glass.  To accommodate those with a less dry palate, we created our Saxon medium dry white wine.  This delightful blend provides easy drinking, perhaps too easy!

Rosé:   We named our Rosé ‘Pinky Boots‘ in tribute to the Earls Barton bootmaker who saved his business by making ‘kinky boots’, and inspired a feature film, as well as West End and Broadway shows.  This blush pink blend is fresh and fruity and ideal to drink anytime.

Reds:  Our Red Baron is an elegant red wine, blended from the finest Pinot Noir and Regent grapes.    Medium bodied with red fruit and earth flavours – it provides the perfect accompaniment to red meat and cheese.    Regent grapes are the star of our Regency wine.   Also medium bodied, and likened to a  burgundy style wine.  Our 2019 Regency won a Bronze medal in the Wine GB awards, now sold out, but we did it again with our 2021 vintage, which won the Heart of England Trophy in the Wine GB Awards (Midlands & North) 

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